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Cataract Surgery

Cure your cataracts with our advanced surgery.
Get the most advanced treatment for your condition

Are you experiencing a dimming or blurring of your vision? If so, you could be suffering from cataracts, a condition that involves the clouding of your eye’s lens.

Schedule an exam right away to see if you can benefit from our advanced treatment.

You have options. Your exam will allow you to speak with our doctors about our advanced surgical techniques – our microsurgical procedure takes less than 15 minutes and uses anesthetic topical drops.

No Injections!

Eye Care | Lasik Surgery | Eye Surgicenter, Gainesville, Florida

You have options

Trust experience

Make sure that you choose the eye care center that's been working for our patients for more than 30 years.

Demand cutting-edge techniques

Our doctors take advantage of a new method of removing the lens, phacoemulsification, as well as the development of artificial lenses. Let us put our expertise to work for you!

No-stitch surgery for a faster recovery

Our doctors have mastered the most advanced cataract surgical techniques, so we are able to offer no-stitch surgical options that involve smaller incisions, no stitches, and faster recovery. Call us today!

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